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Our strong healthy chicks gives high survival rate and excellent growth

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Our happy birds gives healthy red meat: high in proteins, low in fat, no chemical additives and no   stress hormones   

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Our know-how saves you costs , increases your success rate and avoids unnecessary risks

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Euratco Ranch & Guy Wauters

About us

  • Guy Wauters, owner and director of Euratco Ranch, was the pioneer of the European and global ostrich industry.  He introduced ostrich farming into many countries.
  • With a team of professionals and business partners, Euratco Ranch is giving support to many companies and clients in the field of egg incubation, chick rearing, veterinary services, farm management, meat processing.  
  • As a team, we supply high quality ostriches.  
  • We work globally and engineer local solutions for you.
  • We manage your farm and chick raising issues anywhere in the world at close quarters by professional interpretation of your video recordings and a few data. 

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